Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here comes Fall!

Even though it's nearly 80 degrees today in Boston, the signs of Fall are everywhere. Pumpkin and apple foods are reappearing in restaurants, women on the T are swapping out summer handbags for black or brown leather versions, and coffee shops are full of students with their laptops and cell phones.

Fall is my favorite season. It's the best possible environment when the air is cool and comfortable, all the best fruits and veggies are at the farmers' markets, everyone's excited about their new projects, and every weekend there's a Fair or apple orchard to hit.

Here are a few projects I'm excited about this Fall:

1. Learning German. This week I started beginners' German at the Goethe Institut. I'm excited to explore a new language with all the fun that brings.

2. Cooking/eating healthily. During the months leading up to our wedding and over the honeymoon, we were so overwhelmed with work that we ended having either something frozen or takeout for every meal. Now, I'm looking forward to eating some delicious in-season vegetables and apples every which way.

3. Getting rid of junk. I've never been much of a Spring cleaner, but in the Fall I love to do a thorough purge. This year, with all our new booty, it's definitely time to trim down our stock of excess small appliances. We have 3 blenders, 4 irons, a hand-mixer that's missing pieces, etc. etc. I'm also happy to dump all the clothes that are too small or threadbare ever to be worn outside the house again.

4. Writing. I feel like I lost a year of my writing life just when things were starting to get interesting. The one benefit of having taken a break is I can now look back on the stories I was writing then with fresh eyes for editing. And then it's time to start submitting!

5. Reconnecting with my blog. Although, as always after an extended absence, I'm tempted to scrap it and start a new one.

What new projects are you excited about starting this Fall?

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