Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Post

Well, here we are. Another blog. Is there anything more intimidating than the first few posts of a new blog? I’d rather just continue the old one, nicely padded with a few years of book reviews and pasta recipes. Unfortunately, the old one is also linked up to everyone and anyone I know, the supportive and the judgey alike. And, of course, it contains my famous New Years Anti-Resolutions for 2010: no blogging, no writing classes, no applying for an mfa, no big-ticket purchases, no diet/exercise goals, no savings goals, no travel, no … well everything I’ve been busy with since January 2, basically. Why is the moment I become absolutely sure I don’t want something always immediately followed by the moment that thing becomes my urgent goal? And why do I always think it’s a good idea to announce these things publicly?

So this is the spot I’ll be writing from for a while. For the most part I hope to document the process of applying for an mfa program this fall, but beyond that I’m also working to create a writing life for myself more generally. Given the high probability that I don’t get accepted anywhere, I hope my efforts this year will help me to get in the habit of writing and sharing my work.

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